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Pendo – It’s Time To Love Landlording.

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Pendo is a one-stop platform for landlords of all sizes to manage their rental properties. Tedious tasks become enjoyable through our suite of digitalized features: Rental Listing Website, Online Rental Application, Digital Lease Agreement, Online Rent Collection, Cash Flow Management, Financial Reporting, Key Performance Stats, and much more.

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Pendo is an online property management platform dedicated to make landlords’ lives easier. The platform offers a comprehensive digital toolbox for landlords, property managers, and real estate investors to market, manage, and profit from their rental properties while providing a far more modern and hassle-free experience for tenants. Based in Gastown, Vancouver, Canada, Pendo has built a worldwide community of landlords – now in over 81 countries!

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Pendo provides a comprehensive set of digital tools that allow landlords of all sizes to manage their rental properties with ease. When Pendo was first introduced in 2013 as Pendo Rent, the company began as a partner of self-managed residential landlords who actively grow and manage their real estate investments. Our focus was to help our community of landlords maximize their cash flow with our financial-oriented property management tools. In the Fall of 2015, we released a brand new platform that’s built from ground up and gave ourselves a new name and identity – Pendo. With a completely new design, significant enhancements to existing features, and introduction of major features such as Rental Listing Website, Online Rental Application, and Digital Lease Agreement, Pendo has made rental property management smarter and easier for a broader range of landlords.



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