Landlord Diaries: Finding the Perfect Tenant and Setting the Right Rent

Veteran landlord Nina Pak-Lui has a relaxed style when it comes to being a landlord. Her main focus? Trusting her gut and being smart about her costs. MORE

Landlord full screening

7 Reasons Every Landlord Needs a Full Screening Process

Landlords have two primary concerns when it comes to tenants. First of all, they want to always be sure that a tenant is going to get his or her rent and utility payments in on time. No landlord wants to bother a tenant incessantly about an overdue rent check or chase down a former resident […] MORE


A New Way to Screen Tenants

Yes, we hear ya. It’s 2016. Time to simplify your life and digitalize everything - starting with tenant rental applications. Pendo's free Online Rental Application form consists of four sections: Applicant Information, Address History, Employment Information, and References & Consent. Applicants must complete all four sections in order to submit their applications. MORE

Reference Questions to Avoid Bad Tenants

Avoid Bad Tenants with these Top 10 Landord Reference Questions

Avoid tenant horror stories. These 10 questions for employers, former landlords and friends should raise any red flags before you have to deal with them. MORE

late rent landlord nightmare pendo blog

One Landlord’s Nightmare… and What You Can Learn From It

  Dealing with a difficult tenant can be challenging and stressful, especially if you’ve got a life outside of being a landlord. This week, we share one landlord’s frustrating (and on-going) experience, and his advice for other landlords looking to avoid all the drama. Moving to Kelowna had always been a dream for Derek*, a […] MORE

Pendo - Tenant Screening Red Flags

5 Potential Tenant Red Flags

So you’ve decided to rent out your home, whether as a vacation lodging spot or a permanent residence, and are launching a search for tenants. You will quickly find that reviewing applications and interviewing prospective tenants is a lot like hiring someone for a job. You will have lots of candidates, and not all of […] MORE

9 Ways to Avoid High-Risk Tenants

We all know that finding good tenants is key to a steady cash flow and to keeping your blood pressure under control. Landlords are in the business of maximizing return on their rental investment and we want the predictability of collecting a rent cheque each month to pay down our mortgages. I’m sure that most […] MORE