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COLLECT RENT THE SUPER EASY WAY PendoPay is purpose-built for landlords, and a breeze for tenants.



Collect RentOne-time or Recurring Payments, and all expenses related to managing your rental property.

Currently only available in Canada.


Collect Rent Online


10 reasons why Landlords collect rent payments through PendoPay:

  • Eliminates the pain and hassle of collecting rent with checks & cash
  • Payments are secure
  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces admin time
  • PendoPay automatically collects rent!
  • Receipts are instantly sent to tenants
  • Transactions are instantly synced with Pendo
  • Real-time reporting brings financial clarity.
  • Pendo tracks who’s paid up and who’s not.
  • PendoPay reduces risk of non-payment

Pay Rent Online with PendoPay

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Collect Rent Online


Why chase checks or dispute whether the cash in the envelope dropped in your mail box at midnight was for the full amount?

As landlords, we’ve all been there, learned our lessons, and we know the value of clear communications and happy tenants.





Set up recurring scheduled payments and forget late payment stress.



PendoPay uses bank level security to safeguard your data and privacy. PendoPay is powered by the industry leader in online rent payments.

PendoPay doesn’t store sensitive credit card information. It’s an extra step to insure the information you and your tenants provide remains secure and encrypted in off-site servers through layers of security.


Direct Debit – Considered one of the safest ways to pay rent. At just $1 per transaction it is probably the most affordable!


"Tenants who pay their rent online pay their rent on time."


Pay Rent Online with PendoPay

Set up today and receive a Free Merchant Account with your PendoPay subscription.



Collect Rent Online




I’m ready to ditch my spreadsheets, paper files, and shoeboxes full of crumpled receipts!

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