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How to add a Tenant to a Property so it’s ‘Leased’ instead of ‘Vacant’?

To change a Property or a Unit’s status from ‘Vacant’ to ‘Leased’ i.e. to add a Tenant to a Property, you will need to create a Lease for this property that links the Tenant to this Property/Unit. However, if you have a future Lease that hasn’t started, the property would also appear as ‘Vacant’ until the Lease’s start date.

To create a Lease:

1. Go into desired individual Property or Unit page.

2. Click ‘Add Lease’ in the middle column.

add a Lease to a Property in Pendo

3. Fill out Lease information. If you wish to ‘Create a new Person’ instead of choosing an existing tenant, make sure to click ‘Save New Person’ before moving onto Lease Term and Rent.

save new person to lease in Pendo

4.Next, you will be able to ‘Create a lease document’ through Pendo, ‘Upload a document’ of your own, or Neither. If you don’t have the document now – no worries; you can always come back and attach it to the Lease in the future.

create a digital lease agreement in Pendo

5. To access Lease Documents at a later date, click the underlined Lease title (e.g. Fixed Length Lease) in the Lease Snapshots section, and you can view them in the Lease Summary.

view attached lease agreement in Pendo