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How do I change a Property’s Monthly Rent amount?

1. If a Property is currently Vacant, its Monthly Rent amount will be displayed in grey on your Properties page. To change the displayed amount in grey, hover mouse over the desired Property and click Edit.

view or edit property in Pendo
Enter a new rent amount and/or frequency. The Monthly rent amount will be then updated.
change property's rent amount in Pendo

If there isn’t a field for rent amount or frequency, it indicates that this is a Multi-Unit Property and you would need to edit individual Units’ information instead. The Property’s Monthly Rent amount would be Units’ Monthly Rent amounts combined.

2. If a Property is currently Leased, its Monthly Rent amount will be displayed in blue on your Properties page.  The Monthly Rent amount reflects lease terms from the Property’s ongoing Lease(s). If there is more than one active Lease, the Monthly amount will be the combined amounts from the Leases. Therefore, to change the displayed Monthly Rent amount, you would need to change specific terms from the Property’s Lease(s).

3. If a Property’s Monthly Rent is $0 in blue, it indicates that the Lease hasn’t started or has just started but hasn’t reached its first rent payable date yet. For example, if a Lease starts on Jan 15th and the rent is payable on 1st of each month, then the Monthly amount will stay $0 until Feb 1st.