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How do I create a Digital Lease Agreement in Pendo?

1. To create a Digital Lease Agreement in Pendo, you must first add a Lease.

2. After saving the Lease, choose to ‘Create a Lease Agreement’.

create a digital lease agreement in Pendo

3. Complete all 6 steps of Pendo’s Digital Lease Agreement.

create Digital Lease Agreement in Pendo

4. After reviewing the completed Lease Agreement and making sure all information is accurate, click ‘Sign’ on the right menu bar and sign electronically.

sign Lease Agreement electronically in Pendo

Note: in the United States and most countries, documents that are signed digitally are legally binding.

5. After signing the Lease Agreement, you will have the option to send it to the Tenant.

sending Digital Lease Agreement to Tenant in Pendo

6. If you choose to send the Lease Agreement, the Tenant will receive an email invitation to sign the document. After it’s signed by the Tenant, both parties will receive an email that links you to the signed Lease Agreement.

7. To access the Lease Agreement at a later date, click the underlined Lease title (i.e. Fixed Length Lease) in the Lease Snapshots section of the corresponding Property/Unit page, and you can view it in the Lease Summary.

view signed digital lease agreement in Pendo