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How do I create a mobile Inspection Report?

Short answer: Click the big green + circle and follow the steps in order. Add Notes and Photos along the way. The last step is signing. Once someone signs, the Report is locked.

Step by step:

  1. Login and click the big green + circle icon.
  2. Select the Property and Unit you’d like to inspect.
  3. Add the Tenants of the Unit, then click Next.
  4. Click the blue “Start Inspection” button.
  5. Note the Person who is actually present to participate in the inspection. It can be the tenant’s agent. Save.
  6. Add a Space (Rooms & Areas) as you walk through it.
  7. Choose an element within the Space, like the Ceiling.
  8. Note the condition of the Ceiling.
  9. Add a Photo or make additional Notes, or simply mark as Not Applicable.
  10. Once every area has been inspected or noted Not Applicable, click Signatures and sign the completed Report! That’s it.

Can I add a Property or Unit within the mobile app?

Set up your Properties and Units in the web app ( prior to starting a report.

Can I add new Tenants within the mobile app?

Tenants need to be set up in their rentals prior to starting an inspection.

Can I create a Move Out report?

Move Out reports will be released shortly.

Can I edit a Report after it has been signed?

Nope. The Reports are locked for security once they have been signed.

Why don’t I see all my Properties?

Properties must have a Unit and one person who can be added as a tenant.

Why don’t I see all my rental Units?

Units need to have a Person associated with them first. Open the Unit you wish to inspect in the web app ( and “Add a Tenant”.

Why don’t I see all my tenants?

Tenants must be associated with the Unit. Check their profile in the People page or add them to a Unit.

Why can’t I sign my Report?

Signing is available once every condition has been inspected or noted Not Applicable. You’ll need at least one Space (Room or Area) to create a signable report.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Simply log into and click the smiley face icon in the bottom right or send us a note at