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Reference Questions to Avoid Bad Tenants

Avoid Bad Tenants with these Top 10 Reference Questions

We’ve all heard of the tenant horror stories: late or even outstanding rent, unruly pets, damages to the property. What you can do to avoid landing a bad tenant is by being especially diligent with the screening process. Thoroughly checking your potential tenant’s references can provide valuable knowledge that will help with your decision making process, and […] MORE


First-Time Landlords: 3 Tips for Preparing Your Rental Property

Every landlord starts somewhere. We have prepared some simple tips for first-time landlords to get your rental homes ready for your first tenant(s)! Tip #1 Clean it up! Photo Credit: ntr23 via Compfight cc Nobody wants to live in someone else’s filth and germs. A clean property will be more appealing to prospective tenants and helps set the expectations that you […] MORE