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What happens when I see a failed PendoPay payment?

What does it mean when a payment fails in PendoPay?

A PendoPay payment can fail for a few different reasons and some may not be in your control (i.e. No Such Funds, Transaction Limit, Rejected by Bank, etc).  We’ll notify you whenever this happens, but we always suggest to periodically check your failed payments to make sure nothing is missed.

What can I do when a payment fails?

You are more than welcome to retry a failed payment, clicking the Retry button will create a new payment that you’ll see as Pending.  It’s not guaranteed this will go through as it may fail again for either the same reason or a different one. You can only retry a failed payment once. That’s why, we suggest getting in contact with your tenant to make sure there aren’t any issues with the banking information or the amounts that you are trying to submit as payment.

Is there a fee associated with failed payments?

Yes, anytime a payment does not complete, there is a charge. You can collect this fee from your tenant by processing a one time payment.