Pendo Support

What Reports does Pendo offer?

Currently we have the following reports available in Pendo:

1.Financial Statement is located under the Performance | Reports menu:


2. On the Properties page, view of a list of all your Buildings + units by clicking on the *Export link.

Fields included: Property name, Unit #, Rent amount, Tenant name, Start & End Date + Vacancy status.


3. On the People page, view of a list of all your [Applicants/Tenants/Building Manager/Owners/Services] by clicking on the Export* link.

Fields included: Name, Email, Address, Phone #, Key #, Locker #, Stall #, Pets, Emergency contact info, Notes & Comments

*All reports will be saved into a .CSV file to be downloaded to your computer. 


Stay tuned for the following *new* reports coming available in Winter 2019!

  • Operating Statement
  • Deprecation Tracker
  • Rent Roll
  • Overdue rent report
  • Tenant Statement
  • Rental Report
  • Tax Preparation Report
  • Contacts Report
  • PendoPay Report
  • Lease Expiry
  • Tenant export