What Do Changing Marijuana Laws Mean for Landlords?

Legal cannabis means changes for tenants and landlords. Navigating new legislation can be tricky, but getting ahead of the issue can help you take the high road.   With governments around North America preparing to pass some game-changing legislation, you might be wondering what it means for your rental property. What are tenants legally allowed […] MORE

4 Tips to Collect Rent on Time (And Keep Your Cool)

Tired of playing ‘catch me if you can’ with tenants? Try an easier way to collect rent on time. MORE

How Millennials Rent and What They Really Care About

Millennials: to know them is to love them... and if you want to keep them as tenants, there are a few secrets you should know. MORE

landlord guide to smooth move in move out tenant

Landlord’s Guide to an Easy Move-in / Move-out Process

The day your tenant moves out can be riddled with stress: that moment you find scratches in the hardwood, a hole in the wall or the water damage in the ceiling. If you’ve got another tenant lined up, you may need to do immediate repairs in a day, or less. There are a few simple steps […] MORE

late rent landlord nightmare pendo blog

One Landlord’s Nightmare… and What You Can Learn From It

  Dealing with a difficult tenant can be challenging and stressful, especially if you’ve got a life outside of being a landlord. This week, we share one landlord’s frustrating (and on-going) experience, and his advice for other landlords looking to avoid all the drama. Moving to Kelowna had always been a dream for Derek*, a […] MORE

best way to communicate with millennial tenants phone texting

The Best Way to Communicate With Your Tenants

You need to get in touch with your tenant about a minor matter regarding your rental property. It’s not urgent, but you’d like to get it handled this week. So you send your tenant an email…and nothing for several days. You follow up with a text message…and get an almost instant reply. What gives? If […] MORE

Past due

5 Tips for Dealing with Late or Unpaid Rent

Last week on the blog, we discussed several strategies that landlords can use to encourage renters to pay their rent on time. Unfortunately, there are always a handful of tenants who push the limit by sending their rent in late, or worse, stop paying rent altogether. Here are our tips for dealing with overdue rent […] MORE


Getting Your Tenants to Pay Rent On Time

Dealing with late rental payments can be a frustrating and emotional experience for landlords. Not only does it risk disrupting your cash flow, in a worst-case scenario, it may lead to an expensive and drawn-out eviction process. Here are our tips on getting your tenants to pay their rent on time: Start Early It’s crucial to […] MORE