Pendo product updates 2016 september

September Product Updates

As many of our landlords may have heard, Pendo is preparing something big and exciting for you in the upcoming months. That being said, it is equally important for us to fine-tune our existing platform in order to ‘make it work’ for our landlords – whether that means saving you some time, keeping you more organized, or delivering better insight to your rental properties’ performance.

With that in mind, the team here at Pendo had a super busy September, making a ton of updates, fixes, and new features. Here are some highlights of the updates we think you’ll love.

#1. Property-Level Expenses

add property-level expenses in Pendo

You asked for it, you got it. Property-level expenses are live! Now you can add building-level fees such as cleaning, insurance, and landscaping. To do that, simply add an Expense and attribute it to a Property, rather than a Unit. (What’s the difference?)

property level expense in reports Pendo

With this new option implemented, you will be able to view Property-level general expenses in your Transaction History and Financial Statement. And of course, you can also export them to CSV files for your accountant.

#2. Upgraded People Dashboard

updated new tenant dashboard with lease and rental application

We have ‘remodelled’ and ‘renovated’ the People dashboard to make it easier for you to access tenant information – whether it’s Online Rental Applications, Lease Agreements, payment status, Leases details or Lease attachments!

#3. Smarter Recurring Transactions

Not everyone started their rental business on the same day they started using Pendo. Chances are, you probably have already moved your tenants in, collected rent for months or even years, and therefore would need to log past rent payments and backdate them in Pendo. This seemingly simple task could be very time-consuming, especially if you have multiple properties with tenants who have lived there for years.

As a result, we have slightly altered the Recurring Transactions module so that any payments occurred in the past in a recurring series would be automatically marked as ‘Paid’. (Why ‘Paid’?)

For example, if you have a tenant who moved in on July 1st and is moving out at the end of the year, you could add the following recurring series:

setting up recurring rent transactions in Pendo

Then, all transactions occurred before today (Oct 2) will be added and checked as ‘Paid’.

past recurring transactions marked as paid in Pendo

This way, past rent payments are also reflected in your Financial Reports and Charts. Best of all? This will eliminate the confusing ‘Overdue Rent Payments’ that were meant for your missing past rent payments in the system!

#4. Redundant Warnings – Gone!

waning window in Pendo

One of our favourite ways to improve Pendo is by streamlining the platform based on user feedback. After all, there are no better experts on Pendo’s usability than our customers. Landlords have told us about the warnings that show up when closing a window being overly redundant, and as a result, we’ve removed most of them from the app! Yes, we trust you to make wise choices.

+ 6 more upgrades:

1. Refunds & partial Refunds
You can now refund full deposits, selected deposits, and even partial deposits! The remaining part of a partial deposit will be added to your income, under the ‘Deposit not refunded’ category.

2. Landlord Email Signature customization
Want to include your title, work phone number, or company website in your email signature? Simply edit your email signature from your Settings page!

3. Rent Increase tracking
You can now reflect and document Rent Increase in the Lease Summary section! Pendo’s rent tracking system will change accordingly, to make sure you have the most accurate Overdue Rent statistics.

4. “Typeahead” when creating Leases and sending Rental Applications
Saving you time and hassle with “find as you type” – especially helpful for landlords with more than 10 tenants.

5.  Overdue Rent adjustments
Some users have experienced bugs related to Overdue Rent Payments, but we’ve got them fixed up – thanks to our landlords’ timely report!

6. Shortcuts to send Rental Applications
Sending Online Rental Applications on-the-go? No problem! All you need is a first name and a valid email address. For detailed instructions, take a look at our last blog post: 4 Tips to Better Communicate with Tenants.

Sign-in today to check out Pendo’s updates! New to Pendo? Sign up today for free!

We’ve had a productive summer and are very excited about what we’ll be releasing this fall. Stay tuned, and thanks for making Pendo part of your landlording experience! As always, let us know your feedback or suggestions!

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