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What’s the difference between a Property and a Unit?

A Property could either be a standalone dwelling on its own block of land (e.g. a house), or contains smaller dwellings (‘Units’) grouped together on the same block and share common areas like driveways and gardens (e.g. a condo). In Pendo, we commonly refer to the first kind as a ‘Single-Unit Property‘, and the latter type as a ‘Multi-Unit Property‘.

It’s important to choose the right type of Property, as Units can only be added to Multi-Unit Properties. Once the Property type is determined, you cannot change it at a later date.

Out of all property types that Pendo provides, Multi-Unit Properties include:

  1. Apartment,
  2. Commercial,
  3. Condo,
  4. Duplex,
  5. House – with suite(s),
  6. Other,
  7. Townhouse Complex;

Single-Unit Properties include:

  1. Cottage,
  2. Garage,
  3. House – whole house,
  4. Loft,
  5. Office,
  6. Parking,
  7. Room,
  8. Suite,
  9. Townhouse.

How can I tell whether or not I can add Units to a Property?

A simple way to do that is to click the list view button on your Properties page:

properties page list view button in Pendo

If the Property is a Multi-Unit type like Burnaby Townhouse, you will have the option to add a Unit; if the Property is a Single-Unit type like Capitol Hill House, there will not be a ⊕ button that allows you to add a Unit.

list expanded view properties and units in Pendo