Income & Expenses You will save time and have a clearer financial picture of your rental properties.

Pendo Income & Expense Performance Dashboard

Avoid Surprises

Your rental property is both a business and an investment.

The Pendo Performance Dashboard monitors everything, like Overdue Rent, Upcoming Vacancies, Expiring Leases, and more.

You get a powerful snapshot of “where you are at” at all times.


“This is cool but is it easy to set up?”

Absolutely! It’s soooo easy.


Adding Income & Expenses is quick but automation is even quicker.

Take advantage of Automated Bank Transaction Imports keep you up-to-date.

Connect Bank for automated imports of Income & Expenses

So easy to start. No set-up fees.

Unlimited, All-inclusive
$99per month
15-Day free trial
Unlimited Rentals
$29 per month
15-Day free trial
1 Rental
Free forever
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Get started for free. Upgrade, cancel or downgrade anytime.

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