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Annual Unit Inspections

An annual visit to your investment property is an excellent time to inspect the condition of the home, ensure appliances are maintained and serviced, and identify any issues that could potentially lead to more costly repairs down the road.

We have included some references to what is and what is not allowed in order to conduct your yearly inspections:

A landlord may enter:

Any common areas that are shared with others like hallways, courtyards and laundry facilities – no notice is required
The rental unit once per month to inspect the condition of the property – proper notice to tenants is required
The rental unit to complete repairs or maintenance – proper notice to tenants is required
To show the property to prospective buyers or tenants – proper notice to tenants is required

The tenant doesn’t need to be present for the landlord to enter as long as proper notice was provided. Proper notice means a tenant is given written notice of the date, time and purpose for entering the property. By law, notice must be delivered in-person or considered by law to have been given to the tenant at least 24 hours before the landlord enters the unit.
Tenants Rights & Responsibilities

When the landlord has given proper notice to enter the rental unit, the tenant must not prevent the landlord’s access (or access by the landlord’s agent). The tenant, or a representative of the tenant, may be present at the time the rental unit is entered. Tenants who are concerned about their possessions may be present.

As a Landlord/Property Manager, you should be completing three types of inspections during a tenancy:

Move in
Move Out

You can track your yearly inspections documenting the date of the last inspection in your Unit report.

Click on Properties | Units

Select your unit and then click on the edit (pencil) icon

Click on the Last Inspection field to add in the date.

Click Save.

The dates will appear under the Last Inspection column.