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Getting the Timing Right When Posting Your Rental Listing Ad

Timing is everything

So you’ve taken the best photos and made the perfect rental ad for your property. Now it’s time to share the ad on a listing site, but when is the best time to post it?

WeekendsA study tracked 800,000 Craigslist ads and showed that the most viewed ads were posted on Sundays, followed closely by ads posted on Saturdays. Apartment hunters are far more likely to search for ads when they aren’t at work and have the time to do research, as well as follow up with any prospects. This makes the weekend an ideal time to visit listing sites and search for ads. As for time of day, the study concluded that early morning worked best for weekend ad traffic.

Of course, the weekend is also when other landlords are more likely to post their ads, increasing potential competition. This is where your eye-catching, concise and type-free headline will come in handy.

Weekdays – If you plan on posting on weekdays, the best times to post are before regular work hours (8-9am), during lunch breaks (12-1pm), and right after work (5-6pm). Posting on weekdays may also be ideal for landlords because it leaves time to set up viewing appointments for the weekend ahead.

Whichever day/timeyou decide to post your ad, it’s a good idea to repost your ad throughout the week. Reposting ensures that your listing remains visible against the flood of new listings each day. Just remember not to spam the listing site with multiple ads as you may get flagged and your listings could get blocked or removed.


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