Safe Heating Solutions That Give Landlords Peace Of Mind

Landlords have to ensure that their properties meet certain standards when it comes to keeping homes warm for their tenants. Some of these options provide more heat, cost less, are more energy-efficient, and are safer than others. It can be hard to get the balance right, but ultimately, the safety of heating a home is […] MORE

The Growing Generation Of Renters: Can We Help Them Get On The Property Ladder?

We are headed for a future of renting. With homeownership costs rising at a rapid pace across Canada, more of the younger consumers are doubting their future when it comes to owning their own home one day. Not only are millennials renting with a very different mindset, but a growing percentage of them are also […] MORE

Growing Your Property Management Business With These 3 Tips

So you’ve got a budding property management company — congrats! Some of the hardest work is behind you but now’s not the time to rest on your laurels. It’s easy to stagnate if you take your eyes off the road. So what are some steps you can take to keep your property management company growing […] MORE

Is Running a Property Management Company Tough?

Have you ever really asked yourself how tough running a property management company can be? If you did, you’d likely feel overwhelmed. Making a profit can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing and let’s face it, if it was easy, everyone would do it. There are many things to oversee whether you’re […] MORE

Technology — It makes our lives easier but can it save you money?

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve in our rear-view mirror, January is always a tough month money-wise. But January is also a perfect time to assess what kind of cost-saving measures you can use in your business. The digital world is ever-evolving and every day, new technology is shaping how we interact with the world. […] MORE

3 Ways to Use Pendo’s Mobile Inspection App Like a Pro

It’s time to clean out your filing cabinet and move into the digital age with Pendo’s mobile inspection app. MORE

Introducing Lease Timelines

Pendo now gives you one dashboard to manage all your leases – spot gaps or conflicts with a glance so you're always on the ball. MORE

Pendo product updates 2016 september

September Product Updates

As many of our landlords may have heard, Pendo is preparing something big and exciting for you in the upcoming months. That being said, it is equally important for us to fine-tune our existing platform in order to ‘make it work’ for our landlords – whether that means saving you some time, keeping you more organized, or delivering […] MORE

4 Tips to Better Communicate with Tenants

Get some Pendo power!  It shouldn’t be tough or displeasurable to communicate with your tenants. We’ve added a few updates to help you bump yourself to “expert level” in Pendo. Here are 4 new actions designed to help you: Customize your Email Signature Send Rental Application Forms – Fast! View Expiries & Vacancies at a Glance Access […] MORE

Share rental listing on Facebook in Pendo

Got Vacancies? Promote on Facebook!

How can landlords find more tenants? In today’s age, social media is a crucial component to the success of marketing efforts in all fields. It’s a great tool to generate leads and raise awareness, and the best part is that you can do it for free. Under 30’s Are Renting In the rental business, young adults and […] MORE

new feature rental property listing website Pendo

Advertise with Elegant Rental Listing Websites

Good news, everyone! Pendo is bringing back the Rental Listing Website feature! Users can now use this great tool to promote their rental properties with property details, lease terms, photos, walk scores, and more! Renters can contact landlords, share the rental listing with roommates, and apply directly using Pendo’s Online Rental Application! Click here to see a sample […] MORE

Collect e-signatures

Modernize & Digitize Your Lease Agreements

After screening potential tenants with our Online Rental Application, you’ve probably got a future tenant in mind from the pool of applicants. Now, you’re facing another critical task of the tenant on-boarding process – creating and collecting the signed Lease Agreement. You want to make no errors, waste no time, and fill vacancies fast with no delays or […] MORE


A New Way to Screen Tenants

Yes, we hear ya. It’s 2016. Time to simplify your life and digitalize everything - starting with tenant rental applications. Pendo's free Online Rental Application form consists of four sections: Applicant Information, Address History, Employment Information, and References & Consent. Applicants must complete all four sections in order to submit their applications. MORE