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How do I send a rent increase (BC only)

Setting a Rent Increase instructs the system to expect a change in rent amount starting on a specific date. To set a Rent Increase, click on the Lease Summary Card under Properties | Leases and click on the tenants name:

Alternatively, you can view a lease via the Tenant card under Lease Snapshots and then clicking View Lease:

On the Lease Summary, click the On button to activate the rental increase feature:

Fill out the required fields as shown below in orange:

If your tenant resides in BC, you will see the RTB-7 form digitally created in Pendo, this will allow you to send the notice via email to your tenant, right from Pendo!

Please input the Last rent increase date or the First Rent Increase fields, type in your initials

You may choose either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. Click ‘Save’ to complete:

Previous rent increases are also displayed (if applicable).  You can also disable a rental increase if you have decided to not proceed after it was created.

If you prefer to balance your books without cents by rounding down the rent amount to the nearest dollar.

You can also set up a rent increase reminder date for when an email of the rent increase summary will be sent out to your tenant(s). The email will only be sent if the reminder date is 90 days prior to the start date of the rent increase.