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How do I create a Digital Lease Agreement in Pendo?

1. To create a Digital Lease Agreement in Pendo, you must first add a Lease.

Please note that the Pendo Digital Lease is not available for Tenants / Landlords residing in Ontario, Manitoba or Quebec due to provincial laws requiring Landlords to use a standard lease. Alternatively, you can upload a copy of a signed standard lease to the platform.

2. After saving the Lease, choose to ‘Create a Lease Agreement’.

create a digital lease agreement in Pendo

3. Complete all 6 steps of Pendo’s Digital Lease Agreement.

create Digital Lease Agreement in Pendo

4. After reviewing the completed Lease Agreement, you will be able to send it to the Tenant to sign.

5. After the tenant signs the Lease Agreement, The Tenant will then receive a confirmation email to view the signed Lease Agreement.

6. Click ‘Sign’ at the bottom to sign electronically.

Note: in the United States and most countries, lease documents that are signed digitally are legally binding.

7. To access the Lease Agreement at a later date, click the underlined Lease title (e.g. Fixed Length Lease) in the Lease Snapshots section of the corresponding Property/Unit, and you can access it through the ‘View Lease Agreement’ link.

view signed digital lease agreement in Pendo