Pendo Support

Email Notifications

Pendo strives to keep you informed on the activity of your portfolio.  Our automated email system sends out the following email communications to you and your team*:


  • Fixed lease term expiration warning
  • 30 day reminder for maintenance & servicing (Apartment Complex only)


  • Lease to be signed by yourself
  • Account is locked due to non payment
  • Tenant email provided bounced
  • Application is pending approval/rejection
  • Application, lease, lease amendment, Form K (BC only) or pet agreement are signed/or executed signed
  • PendoPay verify bank account details
  • PendoPay Payout Account set up
  • PendoPay payment received
  • PendoPay payment deleted from system
  • Tenant has submitted a issue request
  • PendoPay failed payment transaction
  • Credit card expiration warning
  • Account is deleted
  • Accountant – Financial Reports


  • Pendo Subscription
  • Certn Tenant Screen
  • Rent Paid
  • Deposit Paid
  • Deposit Refunded
  • PendoPay processing Fee invoice
  • Incomplete Payment/NSF Fee Paid

*Communications sent out depend on role permissions