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How do I read my Financial Report?

Pendo’s Financial Report provides a detailed breakdown of your income & expenses, it’s also a great tool for indie landlords to file taxes during tax season.

1. Go to Performance page and click the Reports tab.

2. You can filter data by Property/Unit at the top-left corner, and adjust the time frame at the top-right corner.

report page property and time period filters

3. Use the show/hide icon next to ‘Properties’ to show/hide individual Properties’ contribution to each Transaction Category.

show/hide individual properties in reports

For multifamily type of Properties, you can also see a Property-level column for Property-level expenses.

property-level expense in financial report Pendo

4. Use the expand/hide icon next to Transaction Category ‘Income’, ‘Expenses’, ‘Deposits’, and ‘Deposit Refunds’ to expand/hide individual sub-categories.

expand/hide transaction category in reports

5. The horizontal ‘Total’ line at the bottom of the chart indicates total (revenue) amount per Property;

The vertical ‘Total’ line at the right-end of the chart indicates total (revenue) amount for each Transaction category.