Pendo Support

How do I create a mobile Inspection Report?

First off, you’ll need to ensure all of the pertinent property & tenant information is entered into Pendo.

  1. Property
  2. Rental Unit (If inspecting a condo or apartment)
  3. Tenant(s)

Start by setting up your Properties and Units in the web app ( Then click into the Unit you wish to inspect in the web app and click on Add a Tenant for this Unit.  Then set up their Lease record. After you have these set up, login and get started with the mobile app.

Step by step:

  1. Login and click the big green + circle button.
  2. Select the Property and Unit you’d like to inspect.
  3. Add the corresponding Tenant, then click the blue “Start Inspection” button.
  4. Indicate the Person who is actually present to participate in the inspection. It can be the tenant or tenant’s agent. Save.
  5. Start going through the list of Spaces as you walk through it.
  6. Choose an element within the Space and note its condition.
  7. Add a Photo or make additional Notes, or simply mark as Not Applicable. Remember to click ‘Save’ after completing each area.
  8. Go through the list of Appliances and note the condition of each item.
  9. Fill out the remaining sections: Keys, Alarms, and Deposits.
  10. Once all required sections are completed, go to Signatures and sign the Report.
  11. Once signed, you will notice that the Report is locked, and you now have the option to Share the Report.