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How do I create & send a rent increase

Prior to using this feature, please ensure you are following the RTA for your state/province in regards to the following considerations when announcing a rent increase to your tenant(s):

  1. Purpose – Annual rent increase based on the tenancy or another permitted increase
  2. Amount – % defined by the Government or no restrictions
  3. Timing – How much notice is required?
  4. Delivery – What formats are permitted? Email? Registered Letter? In Person?

Once you are ready to notify the tenant, you can do so in Pendo.

Setting a Rent Increase instructs the system to expect a change in rent amount starting on a specific date. PendoPay amounts are automatically updated for recurring payments. One-time and Partial Rent payments cannot use this feature.

To set a Rent Increase, click on the Lease Summary Card under Properties | Leases and click on the tenant’s name:

Alternatively, you can view a lease via the Tenant card under Lease Snapshots and then clicking View Lease:

On the Lease Summary, click the On button to activate the rental increase feature:

Previous rent increases are also displayed (if applicable). 

Fill out the required fields as shown below in orange:


Starts On

Choose the day the rent price increase is to take effect


Choose from fixed value or percentage


The new rent amount should be visible in this box once you have selected method

Repeat Rent Increase

You can set up a rent increase reminder date for when an email of the rent increase summary will be sent out to your tenant(s). The email will only be sent if the reminder date is 90 days prior to the start date of the rent increase.

Never, once or annually.

Note: You’ll need to update the amount, if you choose annually.

Notification email:

  • If your tenant resides in BC, you can download RTB – 7 form, fill it out and then upload to send it as an attachment with the email notification.
  • If your tenant resides in ON, and their lease is the 2018 version, you can download the Consent to Service Email Form, have the tenants sign it and then upload to send it as an attachment with the email notification.  If you are using the 2020 version of the Standard Lease, the clause for tenants to allow notices sent by email is included and must be checked off
  • For other states/provinces, you can use the email notification in addition to your permitted method of delivery.

Rent increase notifications by email will also include the PDF.

You can send to just the tenant, yourself and the tenant or choose not to use this option.  If you do not use the notification email feature, you must notify the tenant of the rent increase via another permitted delivery method.

You can also disable a rental increase if you have decided not to proceed after it was created by clicking on the Off button.

Have questions about this feature? Reach out to Customer Support via Live Chat.