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How do I send a Tenant Notice? (BC Only)

Pendo has added the following Residential Tenancy Board (RTB) forms for print + email* distribution to your tenant(s).

  • RTB 30 – 10 days notice to end tenancy for unpaid rent or utilities
  • RTB 33 – One month Notice to end tenancy
  • RTB 32 – Two month notice to end tenancy
  • RTB 29 – Four month notice to end tenancy

To send a tenant notice,:

  1. Please visit the Properties page and click on the drop down menu:

2. Select the required tenant information and choose the notice you wish to fill out.  Then click View Form.

3. The notice will open in another browser tab and allow you to fill it out digitally.  You can download to your computer and fill it out via Adobe Reader OR you can fill it out in the web browser and click print to save a PDF copy.

4. Return to the Pendo platform and click the paperclip, locate the saved file and click upload.   Choose to send now or schedule for another date.  The notice will be sent via email to the email address on file and a confirmation pop up will appear on your screen stating the email was sent.

5. Locate the file on your computer and print a copy to paper and make arrangements to service legal notice to your tenant with the hard copy.

* Please note: The Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) does not recognize email, text messaging, and social media as acceptable methods of service. This means that when an official Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) form must be served, or the RTA requires that something be done “in writing”, it is always safest to rely on hardcopy documents rather than email, text messaging, and social media.  For more information on this policy, please click here.

The Activity Feed for the Property will show the tenant notice has been sent for a specific tenant.