Pendo Support

How do I terminate a lease?

If your tenant will be vacating the home, you will need to terminate the lease (the delete lease option should only be used for a lease summary created in error).

  1. Visit the Properties | Lease page
  2. Click on the lease you wish to terminate, the lease summary will be displayed:

3. Click the Terminate Lease button

4. Fill out the requested information:

Is your Tenant on PendoPay?

Please note that the PendoPay account for the tenant will automatically deleted 30 days after termination.  An email reminder will be sent to you 15 days prior to deletion.

If you prefer to delete the Tenant PendoPay Account after the rental deposit has been processed via PendoPay, you may do so.

If you are not processing the deposit refund via PendoPay, you may delete the Tenant PendoPay account any time after the lease termination date.