Pendo Support

How does a tenant complete a request for a screen/credit report?

There are two ways to process a screen/credit report.

1) Send a Pendo digital rental application. By indicating you wish to run a screen, the birthdate and SIN/SSN questions will be added to the rental application. We use Certn, a 3rd party applicant screening service. They require these unique identifiers to pull a credit report from Equifax. The Pendo rental application includes a disclaimer stating that a credit report may be run on prospective tenants:

By submitting this rental application, I hereby certify that the information in this application is true. I authorize all my references as listed in this application to release information regarding employment and past or current tenancies. I consent to the Landlord obtaining credit, personal and employment information on me from reporting agencies and from other sources of such information.

2) If you choose to upload your own application, we will need to request consent from your tenant to ensure they are aware you are running a credit report. This is to comply with privacy laws. If you have collected your tenants birthdate and SIN/SSN, Pendo will only require the tenant to sign a consent form that is kept on file in your account.