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How does Pendo safeguard my personal information?

Pendo takes customer data very seriously and that includes personal information that is provided to a Landlord or Property Management company that is processed and/or stored in our platform.

To read more about Pendo’s Privacy Policy, please click here.

Read on to learn more about how we handle sensitive data for the Tenant Screening & PendoPay banking information:


Tenant Screening/Credit Report Requests

As part of a rental application, a Landlord or Property Management company may request a copy of your credit report.  Your expressed consent must be provided before a Landlord or Property Management company can run a credit report with your personal information.

Once authorization is given, the personal information needed to request a report is First & Last name & birthdate.  Providing a Social Insurance Number (SIN) is optional, but as it is a unique identifier, it does ensure the credit report is accurate.  

Upon submission of an application, the SIN is not stored in an Applicant profile in the Pendo Platform. Instead, it is forwarded in an encrypted file via an API to our Partner, Certn, who uses the personal information provided (Name & birthdate) to request a credit report from Equifax.  If the SIN number is provided, it will be redacted on the credit report returned to the Landlord or Property Management Company.  

Credit Reports are automatically deleted from the Pendo Platform fourteen (14 days) after they are purchased.  

Landlords & Property Management companies in BC must follow the Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA), which outlines the rules for collecting, using, storing, disclosing, and protecting a tenant’s personal information. The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC has developed a helpful guidance document that explains these rules in plain language. 

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada also has an article on this topic.  Read more here.


In order to provide our rental collection service to Landlords and Property Management companies, we need bank account information for their accounts as well as their tenant(s).

The Pendo Platform only displays a partial, redacted version of bank account numbers for identification purposes. This limited display is intended to protect the privacy and security of all financial information while easily identifying accounts. This approach is designed to ensure that your bank account information remains confidential.  This information is collected securely and stored safely in accordance with the highest standards of data privacy and banking regulations. 

The bank information provided to Bank of Montreal (Pendo’s payment processor) is stored in an encrypted file during transmission. We take the protection of sensitive financial information very seriously and have implemented robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

If you are a tenant and would like to learn more about PendoPay, please click here.