Pendo Support

How do I add a Unit?

There are three ways to create a unit in your home/building.

The first is to navigate to the Properties | Unit page:

  1. Click on the ⊕ beside the export button:


The second is via the Properties page:

  1. Click the expanded list view button on your Properties page.​​

list/unit view button in Pendo

2. Add Units to applicable Properties by clicking the add ⊕ button. (Why don’t some Properties have this button?)

​​list expanded view properties and units in Pendo


The third way is to navigate to the property that you want to add the unit.

  1. Click on the ⊕ button:


Enter in the required information:

4. To add images, simply drag and drop photos into the Gallery section from your computer, click on browse for file to select images from your files or clic on Use Street Image View to pull up the last known picture on Google Maps.

5.  Add in property details and other fields.

6. Click Save to complete.