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The biggest risk for Property Managers is default and the costs associated with vacancies. It’s time to discover who is most likely to pay on-time and stay in your rental.

Pendo has two types of reports to suit both your budget and screening requirements.

A Softcheck report helps you identify top applicants with confidence.  Verify contact information, an applicant’s identity, and additional red flags, so you know who you are renting to. This is done by sifting through the largest proprietary database of continuously updated, risk-relevant and risk-scored information in the industry. With unparalleled accuracy, the report can validate social and public information to predict good and bad residents from data derived from a customer’s online and social behaviour.  This report is only available to Applicants in Canada.


  • Social Scans: See all available public social profiles, email addresses, mailing information, social media profiles and known aliases.
  • Public Information: Obtain access to all risk-relevant public information and adverse media from over 100,000 sources worldwide.
  • Criminal and Court Data: Access all available public civil and criminal cases including warrants from 240 countries in 77 languages.

Certn’s Behavioural Profiles helps you as a landlord measure something other than credit history; character, abilities, and willingness to pay. By gauging ethics, honesty, intelligence, attitudes and beliefs, we develop a deeper and more quantitative understanding of risk. We know that patterns of human activity are usually not random, so we think beyond the mere clicks or “Likes” of an individual to consider the subtle attributes that really drive their behaviour. Certn, in conjunction with behavioural scientists from around the world have been able to correlate the attributes that make a good tenant versus a bad tenant without human prejudice. Their models are based on over millions of social media profiles and matching scores on psychometric tests. This gives them the unique ability to prove how their predictions compare to validated tools that have been in use for decades.

Regardless of your applicant’s credit history, this report will provide you with a deep quantitative understanding of their character, making it fast and easy for you to approve a quality applicant. Information is gathered from North America and beyond to give you greater insights. 

A Credit Report provides an applicant’s North American financial history and identify financial risk. By fully assessing an applicant you’ll have confidence in your tenant selection, reducing the risk of late or default payments.  

When gauging a financial profile, income and employment verification from Certn is the fastest, most reliable way to ensure your applicant is stable and employed at their stated level. Income and/or employment information is needed, and in many cases required, in order to approve an application for credit, rentals or new employment. It is also the most lied about information on any application for property or credit. An income and employment verification contains both basic employment information as well as detailed compensation data such as wages, bonuses, commissions and overtime. Certn finds employment through one of the largest a database of instantly available income and employment information from employers across Canada.


  • Bank Account Aggregation & Monitoring: Access account balances, spending habits, and account verification for pre-authorized debits.
  • Credit Reports: Include a full credit report generated by our partner Credit Bureaus for credit reports in both the USA and Canada.

Certn Tenant Screening + Equifax Credit Reports

Find great tenants. Save precious time. Avoid defaults.

Tenant Screening Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required to order a Softcheck?

Authorization from the Applicant, full name and birthdate. The applicant’s current address must show a Canadian address.  A SIN/SSN is not required for this report.

What information is required to order a Credit Report?
Authorization from the Applicant, full name and birthdate.  A SIN/SSN is not required to obtain a credit report.    Credit Reports are only available to Applicants with credit history in Canada and the United States. 

Can I order a Credit Report for an applicant that recently moved to Canada or the United States?
At this time we can only provide reports for applicants with credit history in Canada or the US.

Can I order a Credit Report for more than one applicant? A married couple or roommates?
Yes! Reports must be purchased individually as they are based on the individual.  

How long does it take get a report back?
For applicants that have already completed a digital Pendo rental application, the report will be processed immediately and results take a few minutes to display.

If you are running a screening on a new applicant, authorization is required by the Applicant, then the screen will be processed.

What does a Softcheck Report look like?

Only available for Canadian applicants

View a sample report

What does a Credit Report look like?
View a sample report.

How much do reports cost?
Softcheck report: $8.99
Credit report: $19.00

I ordered a Credit Report and the credit score came back as N/A or there is minimal information in the report. Can I get a refund?

As a Landlord or Property Manager, you want to ensure you are approving only the best tenants and the credit screening process will aid you in making the right decision.  Unfortunately, some Applicants do have enough or poor credit history resulting in a zero or low score.  The content of the credit report is provided by Equifax credit bureau.  Once a completed report has been saved into your Pendo account refunds will not be issued.  If there is an issue with receiving a completed report, please contact Customer Support via Live Chat and they will assist further.

I’ve used Equifax in the past. Can you tell me more about Certn?

Certn is one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies, with offices coast to coast. We provide a fast, simple, comprehensive solution for applicant screening, backed by great customer service.  By analyzing social, behavioural and financial profiles, Certn is able to provide a quantitative understanding of an applicant’s character. This streamlines the applicant decision-making process for property managers, which generates significant time and cost savings. Learn more about tenant screening with Certn here.