Pendo Support

What is the Move in/out Inspection App?

Smart Landlords and Rental Managers know how to maximize their time managing their properties and going digital is the seamless way to conduct a suite inspection.  Ditch the pen and paper and wasting time going through hundreds of photos on your phone to associate them to the right unit.

The Pendo™ Mobile App was designed to save you time and document the condition of the suite pre move in and post move out which will aid you in the court process should it be necessary.

How does it work?

Download the app on your favourite iOS or Android device (we recommend a tablet).  Set up your tenant in Pendo and then log into the app.

  • Document who is in attendance – add multiple tenants to the report
  • Inspect each room and items – note damage in rooms as well as track keys, alarms and more
  • Take pictures – high quality color photos of damage to rooms and property
  • Capture digital signatures for both landlord and tenant are date stamped and locked
  • Send a copy to your tenant via email and your saved report is safely stored in Pendo, accessible anytime!