Pendo Support

Issue Tracker [Landlord view]

For the rental properties of your choice, your Tenant(s) has the ability to submit a maintenance request for issues they are experiencing in their home.

To set up the property to allow submissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Select a property
  2. Click on edit on the Trackers card:

Click on Yes to allow submissions (all properties are defaulted to No)

3. Upon clicking Save, the Pendo system will automatically send an invitation to your tenants for that property. The Tenant takes note of their Tenant ID and Pendo website for Tenants:

4. The property card will update to show a summary of tickets:

4. The system is now live! Tenants can submit a request by visiting and providing information about their issue:

If the tenant indicates the issue is an emergency, your contact details will also be displayed (please ensure your email & phone number are in your profile settings).

5. Upon a tenant submitting a task, then will receive an email confirmation that the information has been emailed to you. You will also receive an email notification.

6. You can view your Tracker dashboard for details and update the status as you attempt to resolve the issue. The status starts in Not Started and can be changed to In Progress, Rejected & Resolved. Your tenant will get an email update when you change a status.

7. You can export your list of issues at any time.