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What do the different PendoPay payment statuses mean?

When looking at your PendoPay dashboard, you may see up to four (4) different statuses:

1) Pending – Payments that are in transit from the Tenant account to Landlord/Property Management Company payout account.

If the Delete button is present, you may cancel this transaction.  If it is not present, it is in processing and cannot be cancelled/modified.


2)  Scheduled – Payments occurring in the next month.


3)  Sent – Payments that have completed processing in previous days/months.


4)  Failed – Incomplete payments that did not process due to insufficient funds (NSF), stopped payment, invalid banking information or closed bank account.

An email notification will be sent to the Landlord/PM company as well as the tenant.  There are two (2) options to resolve a failed transaction in Pendo:

  1. Retry the payment once the tenant has confirmed the funds are available in their account
  2. Delete the payment as the tenant indicated they will pay via another method (cash/e-transfer/cheque)

Need more information about failed payments? Click here.

Once the failed payment(s) are resolved  this section will disappear from your PendoPay page until another NSF transaction occurs

Viewing Payment details

A View link appears on all statuses.  To view the associated payment information, click on View: