Pendo Support

How do I set up my PendoPay account?

 PendoPay is currently only available for properties in Canada

1. Go to the Payments page and click PendoPay.¬† Click’Set Up’ under ‘Account’ and “Set up payout account”

2. We’ll need you to verify your identity:

If your profile does not already contain your birthday, you will need to provide it:

A one time fee of $15.00 is required to process the ID Verification:

Depending on your account type (Personal vs. Business), you will need to provide ID or Business documents.

Then you will complete the steps to connect your bank account:

Then sign a Pre Authorized Deposit (PAD) form to allow us to withdraw funds from your account to refund tenants:

3. Once you have submitted all the information and documentation, you will receive a deposit of $0.01 to the account you entered within 5 days. It’s very important to take measures and look for that$0.01 deposit so that the payments you collect will go into the correct bank account. If you don’t receive the $0.01 deposit within 5 days, it’s likely that you made a mistake when entering your bank account information. Please delete the payout account and re-enter a new one.

4. Once you have confirmed your bank account, your PendoPay account will be ready to go!

You can then set up a tenant and start collecting rent payments online!