Pendo Support

How do I set up multiple bank [payout] accounts in PendoPay?

If you are on a Plus, Pro or Enterprise plan you can set up multiple payout bank accounts.  If you are on the Basic plan, you will need to upgrade to add more than one payout account.

The benefit is to be able to associate revenue to specific buildings.  To do this, you’ll need to have set up your PendoPay account first.

It’s important to enter your banking information accurately, to prevent delays or failed payments.  You’ll receive a 1 cent deposit to the bank account that you provide – it’s very important to take measures and look for that 1 cent deposit so that you have the right banking details with us. If you haven’t received the deposit within 5 days, please delete the payout account and enter the account information again.

1. Go into your Settings and click on PendoPay on the menu bar

2. You’ll see an option to Add new account

3. Enter the banking details for this new bank account.

Once you have submitted the banking details for your new payout account, you will then be able to select this as an option when adding or inviting a tenant to PendoPay.