Pendo Support

Why does Pendo show different amounts for rent?

Depending on the current market vacancy rate or other financial factors, some Landlords will reduce the lease amount from the advertised rental rate.

Pendo can displays two (2) different rent amounts:

  1. Advertised Rent – Market rate for the unit/home
  2. Lease amount – The agreed upon rental payment for the tenant

Rent amounts are displayed in the following areas:

Base/Advertised Rent:

1. Unit Details (Where the data is stored)

2. Properties | Dashboard (Where the data is displayed)

3. Properties (Where the data is displayed)

4. Rental Listing – Optional Feature (Where the data is stored)

5. Rental  Listing (Where the data is displayed)


Lease Amount –¬†(The amount of rent the tenant will pay)

1.Lease edit (Where the data is stored)

2. Lease Summary (Where the data is displayed)