Pendo Support

How do I add users to my Pendo account?

  1. Click on Settings at the top right of your screen.
  2. Click on Users:

Click on the to add users.

3. Add in the user details to send an invitation to use Pendo:

Super Admin РThe initial account holder has a Super Admin role which gives them the ability to add users and perform administrative functions on the Pendo account.  Only two (2) users may be a Super Admin.

User Role – Accountant, Building Manager/Superintendent, Property/Rental Manager or Owner

User Permission – Choose access level of full editing permissions or view only.

Properties – All properties associated to the account will be listed, you can designate access for specific properties to a user.

4.  The invitation will be sent via email to the new user(s):

5. The new user is required to provide their first + last name, phone number and set up a secure password and to read our Terms & Conditions prior to creating an account.

Upon completion of the five steps, the user will have direct access to the Pendo account.