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What if I have more than one Tenant in a Property? i.e. Roommates?

In Pendo, Tenancies and Overdue Rent Payments are strictly tied to Leases. You can create multiple Leases under a Property/Unit or have multiple Tenants under the same Lease.

To see how to add multiple tenants on one lease, please click here.

1. If multiple Tenants are sharing a Property or Unit as roommates and pay rent separately, you should create different Tenant profiles as well as separate Leases stating how much/often each Tenant is paying. The Monthly rent amount will be the combined monthly amounts indicated in the Leases. Overdue Rent stats will also track each Tenant individually.

roommates separate leases in Pendo

2. If multiple Tenants are sharing a Property or Unit as a couple/family and pay rent together, you should either create one Tenant profile and one Lease for them:

family under one Lease in Pendo

or create multiple Tenant profiles and have them under the same Lease:

multiple tenants under same lease in Pendo

The latter scenario is convenient when you need to communicate with the Tenants separately via email.